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Located in Solapur Maharashtra, Raynagar is a one-of-a-kind, low-cost housing project designed for the economically weaker section of society. Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the city, operational cost was a matter of concern. In-depth climatic analysis indicated east-west orientation to be the most ideal, with minimum windows along these faces. The use of solar shading devices on the south side minimizes penetration of the harsh summer sun, reducing the indoor temperatures.

Adequate ventilation was facilitated by placing the buildings based on a swastika-inspired arrangement, with allocated open spaces in the center. Through this arrangement, varying, shaded margins evolved between the buildings. The wider margins functioned as recreational spaces, while the narrower ones gave way to shaded corridors. Recreational spaces are also strategically placed in the windward direction.

Construction costs were regulated by employing the MIVAN technology. A faster technique, the use of masonry units is eliminated and all the building components are made of RCC. Since all the construction-related decisions are made before casting, the possibility of error is minimized, in addition to reducing labor costs.

Dwelling units are clustered together to maximize building occupancy, with the cluster typology varying from twelve units per floor to four units per floor. Such a congregation of structures gives due consideration to the socio-cultural needs of the inhabitants, conceiving a housing society that is not only sustainable but also encourages a more enriching user experience.  

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