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Shakuntala Devi Memorial Public School

The primary school in Village Roja Jalalpur of Greater Noida region,  is the manifestation of an ‘uncluttered study environment’ approach. While initiating the design process, encouraging a passion for learning and teaching was our primary driving force. The classrooms have been intentionally staggered into levels. This arrangement allows classrooms to overlook one another, minimizes noise transmission, and enhances visual interest.

Two, self-shaded courtyards stand on either side of a monumental staircase, acting as play areas. A double-height multi-purpose hall is located at the lower ground level. Punctures have been added to the front of the building, maximizing natural ventilation. Visual balance is enhanced by adding pergolas to the terraces on the third floor. The addition of light shelves throughout the building façade maximizes natural day-light in the classrooms.

With an exposed brick façade and a visually highlighted structural system, the primary school stands as a landmark in its surroundings.

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